Using Psychology for better workplace bonding .

Psychology + Data Analytics
= People Insights

People Analytics

People and culture

Analytics that help you recruit, nuture and retain the right talent for your culture. Make people decisions backed by people data, not by gut feel. Diversify your hiring to bridge your company's cultural gaps and reduce attrition.

Organizational EQ

Emotional Intteligence
for organizations

Take you employee engagement to the next level by having a clearer understanding of how people relate, think and work together, better. High EQ companies execute well because they love to work together.


Automate competency mapping

Automated competency mapping

Picking the right set of soft-skills can be a daunting task. An employee's personality and attitude has a high correlation with his/her performance and growth. Psychd helps you automate testing for the right competencies and potential candidate for your specific industry & company culture.

Have you ever struggled with what makes a great team? Right people together can create much more value than individuals. Psychd is the magic sauce that you need to structure you teams and foster your teams to deliver.


Design teams that perform

Measure Work Qualia

Measuring Work Qualia

Measuring key metrics that measure quality of working experience, job satisfaction and employee motivation. can hugely impact productivity synergies between employees and management. Psychd helps you measure and improve work environment and employee perception

Out of the box components

1. Customizable Instrument

Add or remove any competency from our 40 plus Personality Traits/Competencies as per your need for any given role.


2. Competency mapping

Our patented algorithm deduces competencies required for your role, team and culture.

3. Industry Benchmarks

Get insights using latest benchmarks from public data and help understand your talent position compared to your competitors

4. Org EQ Metrics

Measure metrics that matter most to the employees and reduce employee burnout and attrition

5. Detailed people profiling

Create detailed personality profiles for critical employees and take better people decisions.


6. 360 Feedback

Inbuilt 360 feedback tools for capturing feedback data while employees get a holisitic view of their performance



HEXACO model of personality.

Psychd's behavioral and personality assessments are based on the HEXACO Model, an improvement over the popular Big 5 Theory of Personality. We measure over 40 behavioral traits through situational and attitude questions, measuring aspects like , organizational skills and emotional intelligence.

Business Impact

Most orgs underestimate the power of having the right people for the right work. Investments in people analytics has consistently been followed by improved bottomline, higher employee engagement and productivity.

Why Psychd?

Human behavior and culture is ultimately what drives any organization. Our team of psychologists, statisticians and HR Leaders have proven to help you find insights that can improve your bottomline and people resource


"To really change the world, we have to help people change the way they see things. Global betterment is a mental process, not one that requires huge sums of money or a high level of authority. Change has to be psychological." - Suzy Kassem

Measure what matters

Measure employees and organizational health across factors such as


Employee Satisfaction Score


Hierarchy of needs


Employee Wellbeing Index


Employee Burnout Score

Behavioral Profile

Behavioral Profiling
  • Name: Denis Jones
  • Position Creative lead
  • Personality: ENFP
  • Strenghts: Persuasiveness, Creative

Denis is an imaginative person who prefers at atmosphere that allows for sociability and interaction between colleagues. He's always looking for chances to explore new ideas and he likes to work along people who share his excitement for novel ideas

He can be considered warm, creative, open minded individual. A good listener, you can count on him to keep moral of employees around him high

Strong traits
Average -
Average +

Check here for a detailed sample profile


Psyhometric instruments
Science behind the tests Science behind the tests
Soft Skills gaps
Soft Skills Gap in India Soft Skills Gap Analysis
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